REDD INSIGHTS: Summer 2022, high-end interior design trends

Before we get into the topic of the future, let’s start with the present and firstly touch on the purpose and relevance of trends.

It’s important to identify a distinction between forecasting impactful and progressive interior concepts and just following fad design ideas. Trends enable brands and clients to be creatively receptive to their surrounding environments. It’s listening and adapting to the evolving social and political landscapes as well as the changing customer behaviours/choices, which are then reflected and expressed in an artistic way.

What are the next interior design trends/looks on the horizon this year?

We all have ideas about what makes an interior, or what the next big trend will be. It is a subjective assessment, one in which Taylor Howes Designs have compiled in our fourth annual trend report; Kaleidoscope. The trends we’ve identified are what our talented team feels will resonate with our clients as well as the wider interior design sector moving into 2022. They include:

1. The return of the dining room

2. The embodiment of relaxed luxury

3. Curve appeal: rounded shapes and organic lines

4. Neoclassical design

5. Return to traditional

How has the pandemic impacted your vision for projects?

Prior to the pandemic, homes were mostly considered as special spaces for clients, a beautiful yet private sanctuary. Fast forward to the present, functionality has been heightened as a result of Covid19 as homes have since reshaped and moulded into places of work (thanks to technology). Functionality has always been present within client briefs, however in the past two years we’ve seen, not only the necessity for entertainment and social spaces but, an increased focus in luxury home offices and studies too. Work and play have become a domestic duo.

If you could give people one piece of interior design advice, what would it be?

Always carry a sketch pad and pen. For interior designers, inspiration can be found at any time and place. For us imagination never sleeps, so it’s always best to carry your trusty pen to document your thoughts and visions.

Keep the inspiration going and take a look at Taylor Howes Designs trends in more detail here: