Operating on behalf of investors seeking to realise returns from property investment and development. REDD is a fully integrated partner with an investor service portfolio spanning the spectrum of initial site finding, to complete project management, marketing, sales and onward portfolio management.

& Funding

REDD identify, analyse and facilitate the acquisition of property assets for both investment and development purposes. REDD provide prospective investors with succinct professional advice on the investment strategy, return metrics and project risk profile. REDD work with a variety of funding partners in order to facilitate optimum equity and debt structuring on projects.

Project Management
& Design

REDD’s Development and Project Management teams move each project through the sequences of design stages, from concept to detailed technical design. From the outset this includes tendering and selecting the appropriate consult team for each project. At each step the design is crosschecked against the investment mandate, target audience and forecast returns.


At the core of REDD’s development services is stringent financial management. REDD coordinate legal and financial advice on project structing and operations. Investors are kept up to date monthly with financial reporting against the agreed project milestones, cash flow and return metrics. REDD manage all project financing, payments and accounting through dedicated client accounts, providing investors with a coordinated approach between the property asset and its financial management.


The exit strategy of all projects are set-out from the start and refreshed during the course of a development. REDD manage the sales and marketing process if a property is to be disposed of, including marketing collateral, management of agents and negations of sales. Once sales are agreed, REDD manage the legal disposal process to provide their investors with an effective exit to a project.

For investors who wish to hold their property assets once redeveloped, REDD provide advice on structing, funding and management of their assets in order to maximise their return on equity.


A core part of REDD’s reservice is its commitment to the aftercare and management of its properties. REDD provide full property management services for investors looking to hold property as an income yielding assets. In addition to the physical management of a property, REDD also manage the property finances including revenue collection, tax returns, accounting and reporting.