REDD INSIGHTS: Luxury Designers Anticipate Interior Trends for 2024

In the ever-evolving world of design, staying on top of the latest trends is crucial for creating spaces that are both visually appealing and functional. Trend reports serve as a valuable tool to forecast influential and progressive interior concepts, which adapt to dynamic social and political landscapes, as well as the evolving behaviours and preferences of clients. 

We spoke to designers from Taylor Howes Designs and 1508 London who have revealed the key interior trends for 2024.


Kaleidoscope, the annual trend report from award-winning interior design studio Taylor Howes Designs, identified the colour of 2024 as being  a muted lilac tone like Pantone's Burnished Lilac or Farrow and Ball's Peignoir. These hues are particularly well suited to bedrooms and bathrooms, fostering a serene ambiance and sense of tranquillity. Jane Landino, Creative and Design Head of Studio, says, “The team are currently working on a guest bedroom in a London home where lilac serves as the foundational palette for the room, tying in nicely with other regal accents in the space.”

Taylor Howes Designs using Lilac in a project

Pantone’s 25th colour report highlighted another key pastel shade, choosing  Peach Fuzz as the colour of 2024. These soft, candy-hued shades reflect a broader trend towards looking after ourselves and embracing wellness and ease within both our lives and our homes. 


Jane Landino notes that although marble has been on-trend for some time, we can expect to see it in new colourways such as Calacatta stone. This is often used in bathroom cabinetry, kitchen worktops and fireplaces, and its subtle lilac undertones not only add luxury and softness to a home but also create a sense of individuality, as no two pieces of the stone are the same. 

We will also be seeing more marble homeware, like trays, coasters, and lamp bases, which add accents of luxury to any room. 

Another material trend we can expect to see this year is mixing metals, according to Ailsa Connery, Regional Director & Design Principal, 1508 London. Mixing metals adds visual interest, depth, and personality to a space, allowing for a dynamic and eclectic look. There are many opportunities to mix metal finishes, whether in light fixtures, accessories, furniture, or decorative accents. Whether it's combining brass with chrome, copper with blackened steel, or experimenting with other combinations, the versatility of mixed metals offers endless possibilities for creating a sense of luxury.

1508 Project using Mixed Metals in a project

Soft Furnishings:

Across the board, designers are noticing a trend towards atmospheric, soulful interiors. People are increasingly prioritising healthy living, seeking a better balance, and creating retreat-like spaces for relaxation and enjoyment. 

For Christy, the leaders in luxury British textiles, plush natural organic cottons and waffle-like textures are prevalent across their linen ranges. “The palette for soft furnishings is set to be dominated by a blend of texture, warmth, and sophisticated neutrals,” says Lucy Ackroyd, Head of Design at Christy.

Christy Organic Retreat Bedding


Ailsa has also observed an increased interest in sourcing goods locally and endorsing artisanal communities. She says, “Using local artisanal communities benefits the local economy and keeps ancient craft traditions alive. With younger generations across the globe needing to be retained in their communities, there is a greater need to have furniture, ceramics and rugs made close to where a project is based.” This is especially significant for high-net-worth individuals who prioritise ethical shopping and seek something entirely unique for their homes.

As we look ahead to new projects, working with designers to embrace these trends is key to crafting unique and luxurious spaces. Whether it's soft, pastel tones, the enduring allure of marble, or an emphasis on soulful interiors, these trends serve as guiding principles to shape inviting homes that embody modernity, sophistication, and a touch of escapism.