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REDD Property Management combines an intricate knowledge of building management with a proactive customer focused approach. REDD manage and advise on a range of new build and existing property portfolios. The Property Management team provides a complete service to property owners, ensuring improved occupant satisfaction and robust property maintenance, in order to enhance the long-term investment value.

REDD undertake four core Property Management roles:

  • Private House Management
  • Rental Portfolio Management
  • Block Management
  • Property Management Consultancy

REDD provide portfolio advice ensuring existing assets are optimised and further property is acquired in line with the agreed investment strategy. Property Management is complex and requires a highly professional approach, knowledge of landlord and tenant law, building construction, health and safety regulations, accounting principles and best practice. REDD offers a disciplined approach to maximize a property’s return on investment.

property management

Private residence management

Either standalone or within an apartment building, the management of individual properties requires an intelligent, client focused delivery. REDD’s white glove approach to all works ensures minimal disruption and builds lasting relationships. Tailored to real world needs where client satisfaction is paramount.

Property Management is also the physical management of the property and outside areas, which include the maintenance of the building fabric, mechanical and electrical services, and landscaping. This function is linked to financial considerations with necessary works requiring capital expenditure budgeting and active management. REDD maintains close relationships with contractors and suppliers, budgets capital expenditure, and monitors the quality of all repairs and maintenance.

REDD’s management service includes:

  • Management of private residences
  • Budget planning and financial control
  • Management of house staff
  • Responsible for arranging security and maintenance of systems
  • Routine inspections and system testing
  • Management of planned and preventative maintenance works
  • Management of minor and major works projects
  • Management of cleaning and general housekeeping
  • Manage seasonal or intermittent occupation by the client
  • Management of all integrated assets
Private residence management

Rental portfolio management

Whether managing a portfolio or an individual property, REDD Property Management offers tailored rental management of investment assets. REDD’s transparent, professional approach provides hassle-free property ownership for a passive income.

REDD engages in a variety of responsibilities including:

  • Setting rental rates
  • Management of Letting Agents
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Negotiating new tenancies
  • Collecting rent
  • Assigning maintenance
  • Managing relationships

In order to ensure optimal returns, REDD undertakes rental management with two clients in mind: the building owner who wants a return on their investment without the responsibility of daily management; and the various occupiers of the portfolio who will pay premium rent and remain in occupation in return for receiving high-quality service.

Key REDD benefits for landlords:

  • Transparent accounting for peace of mind
  • Understanding in a moment the current status of any property in the portfolio
  • No daily requirement to manage tenant issues
  • Planned and reactive maintenance taken care of
  • Managed rent review process
  • Portfolio management advice ranging from planned maintenance work to potential site acquisition or further development for higher returns
  • Management of agents and negotiations of letting agreements

Key REDD benefits for tenants:

  • Carefully managed and clear check-in/check-out experience
  • Responsive reactive maintenance with constant feedback
  • Clear and fair management of deposits
  • Opportunity to benefit from other REDD lifestyle services

property management

Whether new build or existing estates, REDD’s Property Management team provides a complete service ensuring improved occupant satisfaction and robust property maintenance to enhance long term asset value.

The service covers every aspect of building management ranging from client accounts, service charge collection and cost reports, to staff management, building insurance and reactive maintenance.

The REDD combination of both professional and site experience ensures everything from contract negotiations to a boiler repair is handled efficiently while focused on customer satisfaction.

The REDD team is able to cater for every element of block management including:

  • Service charge collection, budgeting and accounting
  • Planned maintenance scheduling
  • Reactive maintenance with occupier feedback
  • Concierge and porter services
  • Health & Safety risk management
  • Regular site inspections with client feedback
  • Capital expenditure planning and collection
  • Project management of all major works required under the lease
  • Supervision and management of site staff
  • Arrange insurance policies
  • Attend regular Director and resident meetings
  • 24-hour maintenance and emergency line
  • Manage all license applications
property management

Property management consultancy

Property Management consultancy is an integral part of all REDD developments and is also offered to third parties. It ensures consideration is given to occupation and management from the early design stages, through construction and on to delivery.

REDD also offer this service to build-to-rent schemes with a focus on standing out from the crowd. REDD’s management consultancy service includes pre-construction right through to management as detailed below:


  • Produce Property Management Strategy Plan
  • Undertake design review and attend workshops
  • Produce asset management register
  • Produce maintenance and servicing scheduling
  • Provide a forecast budget for planned and preventative maintenance


  • Attend project meetings
  • Review sub-contractor drawings
  • Witness testing and commissioning of M&E
  • Review and sign-off O&M manuals
  • Oversee BIM model conversion

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