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The REDD Development team specialise in the acquisition and development of prime residential and commercial property for resale, investment and private occupation.

REDD undertake three core roles:

  • Development Management
  • Project Management
  • Client Representative

REDD’s aim for each project is to deliver the highest possible quality and value, maximising the returns for its investors and the experience for its private clients. Its integrated Property Management team and customer focused philosophy provide a seamless transition between the design, construction and occupational phases.

Through its extensive network, REDD identifies, appraises and delivers property development opportunities. REDD’s Development Management team provide strategic input throughout the whole development process, identifying the opportunities, presenting the investments strategy, then delivering the project through to completion. REDD’s Project Management team work closely with the Development Management team, delivering projects to the set brief, programme and budget.

REDD’s Client Representative role enables private clients to be effortlessly taken through the development process, delivering them the finest quality private residence and ensuring their best interests are safeguarded at all times.

REDD’s core development services are as follows:

  • Source, appraise and acquire development opportunities for investors and private clients
  • Assemble and manage consultant team including interior designers, architects, engineers, surveyors, marketing and legal teams
  • Obtain statutory & development permissions
  • Tender construction work
  • Monitor and sign-off work on site
  • Manage sales and marketing strategy if applicable
  • Provide Property Management input during design, construction and handover
  • Manage post completion and aftercare process
redd developement


REDD source new development opportunities and private residences through its extensive contact list of agents and property professionals.

Once an opportunity is sourced, REDD conducts negotiations and manages the buying process with lawyers, consultants, surveyors and banks. REDD secures bank loans to finance the acquisition, development and completion of the project. The acquisition process also includes analysing a project’s economic and physical feasibility, delivering an initial business plan, conducting legal and administrative due diligence, and ensuring the property purchase delivered.

financing redd

REDD determines the amount and type of capital required to fund the initial acquisition, the interim holding costs, up to the delivery of the project. When analysing the required capital and its nature, we also determine the most efficient method to raise the required funds and then actually raise it. The financing component can be divided into three categories:

  • Projections: What are the amounts and timing of expected capital expenditures, holding costs, and operating expenses as well as sales, rents and other income
  • Financial management and reporting: How will the future capital flows be managed and to whom and in what form will they be reported?
  • Capital formation and accumulation: Given the risk, returns and timing of the capital flows of the development, what is the appropriate capital model required for this specific investment.

Project costs are tracked closely against the pre-purchase appraisal with a capital expenditure model, performance updates and monthly reporting. If required, the team are experienced in managing the negotiation and coordination of development funding.


Once the development opportunity is secured, REDD assembles the design team and manages the development of the design. REDD handles all Statutory approvals and legal development permissions needed to undertake the project.

With particular experience in the prime locations of London and Monaco, REDD is able to unlock complex and demanding sites with multiple external factors and stakeholders, therefore maximising returns for its investors.

  • Assembling the consultant and design team
  • Lead the feasibility and strategy process
  • Site and layout optimisation
  • Set Brief, Programme and Budget
  • Handle pre-application engagement with Local Authorities
  • Manage Planning & Listed Building Consent applications
  • Negotiate with Freeholders and Estates (where applicable)
  • Manage freehold enfranchisement claims and leasehold extensions (where applicable)


REDD’s development team are responsible for the overall direction of the project, delivery to time and budget, and overall risk mitigation when it comes to construction. They manage all aspects of the construction process including procurement, contractor selection, contract negotiations and on-site monitoring.

  • Tendering, negotiating and arranging the appointment of the consultant team
  • Leading the design process
  • Ensuring development sites are optimised
  • Overseeing the procurement strategy and process
  • Negotiating construction contracts
  • Monitoring the construction on-site
  • Managing utility upgrades and installation
  • Managing post-contract matters


REDD use their strong agent relationships, extensive market experience and in-depth purchaser profiling to create and implement the sales and marketing strategy. This includes the creation of brand identifies, marketing collateral and show suits. REDD in association with the agent teams negotiate and manage the sales process, ensuring best returns for the investor in line with the set development performance.

REDD’s in-house Property Management team offers exceptional Soft Landings handover services, paying close attention from inception to completion to ensuring that decisions made during the design process are delivered and that the new occupier’s requirements are fully met.

REDD manage the furniture installation for private clients, as well as their own check-in process. Liaising with individuals, house staff and family offices, to ensure a smooth transition and running of the property for its new owner.

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