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REDD Concierge & Lifestyle service is dedicated to making the experience of owning and occupying a property positive and proactive. The service provides a client focused experience to landlords, tenants and investors, enabling them to get more from their property than just an investment or place to live.

The team provide concierge and porter staff to properties, both dedicated on site and also a roaming service for smaller properties. REDD employ their own cleaning team, ensuring the highest standards are met, as well as security and privacy maintained at all times.

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REDD provide turn-key options for rental portfolios in order to maximise rental income and minimise void periods. This includes fully equipping the property for occupation by the tenant providing internet, Sky Tv and accessory packs including crockery, cutlery and appliances.

For private residences, the team will provide Home packs for their owner, ensuring everything from food to flowers are in place to their exact requirements. This also extends to arranging transport to and from airports and other destinations as required.

Key services:

  • Building Concierge & Porter Staff
  • Turn-key apartment management
  • Cleaning & Laundry Team
  • Transport Arrangements
  • Home Packs

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